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As a photographic artist with nearly fifty years of experience Dale works in a variety of styles including analog and digital photography, abstract-expressionism, impressionism, surrealism; street photography, Hindu & Indian art forms, documentary, night/astronomical photography, and infrared photography.  He is equally at home on location or in the studio.

In recent years Dale has worked on a number of Documentary Photography Projects including “Messages from the Past,” documentation, restoration and reinterpretation of ancient Indian Rock Art in the Southwest United States.  In 2023 in conjunction with The Sharlot Hall Museum Dale completed the “Prescott Mural Documentation Project” where he documented all 30+ outdoor murals in Prescott, AZ.  Prints are archived at The Sharlot Hall Museum where a searchable database of all Prescott murals is also maintained.  Prior Documentary projects include, “Tales of Loneliness and Abandonment,” photographs of abandoned structures across America.

Dale accepts assignments and commissions on a selective basis, contact the studio if you wish to commission Dale for your photographic project.


Expecting mothers should seriously consider documenting their pregnancies.  Your pregnancy is a special time in your life.  For three quarters of a year your body will undergo beautiful and dramatic changes as you prepare to bring another life into the world.  You can remember this special time with a portfolio of pictures that are uniquely you.  You can collaborate with a renowned photographic artist to create a series of photographs as individual as you are.  Anything you can imagine can be yours, each photo-shoot is a collaboration between you and the artist; every aspect of the photography is designed for your comfort to create museum-quality artworks.  Showcase your unique beauty with a timeless gift for your loved ones or just yourself.  Document this special, and brief, time of your life!

Contact Dale O’Dell to schedule a consultation.

Every maternity photo-shoot begins with a consultation.  Your maternity portfolio is a true collaboration with the artist to create images as unique as you are.  Dale does not do one-size-fits-all formulaic photography.  You have total control, you decide what kind of photographs will best suit you.

All photographs are Archival Pigment prints which, when properly stored, will last for generations.  Prints truly withstand the test of time and will be just as bright and colorful on your child’s thirtieth birthday as they are on the day of their birth.

The best time for maternity photography is during the latter part of the first trimester, the second trimester, and the first weeks of the third trimester.  All photo-shoots are scheduled for the new mother’s maximum comfort.

Prices begin at $400.00.  Various packages are available up to museum-quality boxed sets of twenty different images.

Contact Dale at or 928.925.0374 to schedule a consultation to document your pregnancy in the most artistic way possible!


Dale has been providing stock imagery since 1982 for a worldwide clientele.  All of Dale’s imagery is available for license as stock photos for use in advertising, marketing, editorial and digital media.  Images are licensed as “rights managed” which helps users avoid conflicting uses from same-industry competitors. 

Please contact the studio for a quote via email or by telephone at 928.925.0374.


All Dale’s photographic and digital art is available for licensed reproduction as murals, decorative art reproductions and more.

Please contact the studio for a quote via email or by telephone at 928.925.0374.


Dale is an internationally recognized fine artist and most of his work is available for collection.  For quotes on specific sizes, mediums, editions and prices, please contact the studio by email or telephone.  Aside from ‘standard’ sizes and mediums custom sizes and print mediums are also offered.  Print orders are fulfilled by Dale himself and no outside services are used.  Each print is signed by the artist (and numbered if editioned), a Certificate of Authenticity, also signed by the artist, comes with each print to prove provenance in the secondary market.

The CREATURES portfolio features B&W infrared imagery of masked nude figures in the environment.  Although originally an ‘open edition’ these works cannot be reprinted anymore because the papers and chemistry is no longer manufactured.  There are fewer than ten prints left of each image making these photographs very exclusive.  The prints from this portfolio are handmade silver-gelatin darkroom prints all made by Dale himself.  They are made on 11x14 inch paper and selenium-toned for maximum archival permanence.

The HUMAN/NATURE portfolio numbers fifty images and features darkroom-composite (not digital) photographic prints of the human body and the landscape.  This is a very exclusive body of work with only a few prints of each image still available.  Although not numbered, no more than 15 prints were ever made of any single image.  They are made on 11x14 inch paper and selenium-toned for maximum archival permanence.  The book, HUMAN/NATURE (featuring the entire 50-image portfolio) is still available from this website only at the original price of $35.00.

The SURREAL LANDSCAPE: DESERT & WOODLANDS photo-digital artworks are both limited-edition portfolios.  These are offered as digital, Archival-Pigment prints.  Three ‘standard’ sizes are available: ‘miniatures’ printed on 8 ½ x11 inch paper are available as the lowest-priced open edition.  Prints made on 13x19 inch paper (matted 18x24 inches if requested) are editioned at 250* prints each.  Two more editions in larger sizes are also available.

INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHS are available as Open Editions and can be ordered in any size you’d like.

UFOs, ALIENS, CRYPTIDS and OTHER PHENOMENA are also available as Open Editions and can be ordered in any size you’d like.

BOOKS AND OTHER PRODUCTS can be ordered direct from this website.  Click the image to enlarge.  Click 'buy' to see prices & place your order.

COMMERCIAL WORKS are primarily a portfolio of my commercial capabilities by if you’d like to license an image (or similar) or purchase a print, please contact the studio.


 * Some collectors have stated they believe that an edition of 250 is not ‘exclusive’ enough.  Well, this isn’t painting and 250 is very exclusive if you remember that there are 7 billion people on Planet Earth.  Also, with photo & digital prices so much lower than other mediums, please understand that I need to earn a living and the only way I can do so is by making multiple print sales.  Finally, I want people to own my artwork so I make more than a few pieces available.  Thank you for understanding.


SURREALISM      Dale is known as a Surrealist and critics have called him the 21st Century’s Dali.

UFOs & PHENOMENA   Dale has been noted as the World’s Foremost Photographer of the Paranormal (primarily because he’s one of the few artists in the world making this type of imagery).  Dale has produced the annual “Cow Abductions” calendar since 2004 and is a contributor to other UFO calendars each year.  He has provided ‘phenomena’ digital-illustration for book covers, newspapers, and magazines including: UFO Magazine, The International UFO Congress, Open Minds Production, and others.  Dale can also provide PHOTO-ANALYSIS of strange and unusual imagery and has participated in expeditions searching for Bigfoot.  Dale has also participated in Ghost Hunting using infrared and other advanced-imaging techniques.  Dale is currently investigating the ‘orb phenomena’ and is preparing a paper on ‘the scientific analysis of orb photography.’

*Please note!  Dale is a phenomena illustrator and NOT a hoaxer.  If you should ever find one of Dale's UFO or phenomena pictures presented as "factual" anywhere, PLEASE contact Dale so the record can be set straight.